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I am so annoying and anxious and weird.

So since boyfriend and I had a little condom mishap a week and a half ago (and I took the morning after pill) I have been calculating when I’ll be able to take a pregnancy test and know if I’m pregnant or not (July 18th) and basically planning out how I would be able to get an abortion before I leave for Germany on July 23rd.

I am also so close to making an appointment at Planned Parenthood for it JUST IN CASE.

You know this would all be a lot easier if I didn’t have to account for the dumb 24 hour “informed consent laws”.

But yeah all the stressing I am doing and anxiety problems and blah blah when I might not even be pregnant.

So yeah I basically am driving myself crazy over what could be nothing.

  1. sailorbirdie said: I hope for the best and that your test comes back negative :(
  2. barricadeur said: as someone who has been there, i’m willing to talk if you need it. otherwise please accept this massive smish *smish*
  3. ouatnails said: *hugs* I hope your test comes back negative!
  4. kherrigan said: an appointment just in case might not be such a bad idea?? i mean you can always cancel as soon as you’ve done a test. might help calm the anxiety about it….?
  5. automnale said: you should taka an appointment anyway, even if you’re not sure (and it actully sounds unlikely!). if only to help reassure yourself… :) /hugs
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