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sex is a lot like the Iliad. you thrust spears, you get constant long winded metaphors about lions, zeus is there

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I think I love her.

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[ Oedipus ]


Oedipus - Regina Spektor

This is basically the coolest song ever o h  m y   g o d listen it’s just Regina Spektor gettin weird all over a piano and greek myths but it’s iterally the best I’ve listened to it like 34 times in a row plz help

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very important announcement 

today is official Treat Yourself Day

October 13th, the original air date of that Parks & Rec episode

please remember to treat yourself today it is very important 

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Defoe’s Journal of a Plague Year reads just like a zombie novel omg can I convince my prof to let me write my research paper on the remarkable similarities?

(probably not but I’m going to try)


puppies in sweaters hee hee hee


puppy in sweater hoo hoo hoo


puppies in sweaters ha ha ha


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Catherine of ARAGORN?

hey guys remember this



Catherine of ARAGORN?


hey guys remember this

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Aang’s all grown up

I really enjoyed this.

Our portrayals of adult Aang up to this point had always been so serious. We though this was a perfect opportunity to show that deep down he was still the same fun-loving trickster. P.S. Ryu drew both of these, something like 9 years apart!

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Charmed hairstryles / Piper Halliwell / Season 2 1/?

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the reviews say “gritty realism” but the heart whispers “suburban straight boy libertarian fantasy with a limited color palette”

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A box of baby bengals

"What? No, I’m sorry, I ordered half a dozen mini bagels —”"Shut up, we’re keeping them."



A box of baby bengals

"What? No, I’m sorry, I ordered half a dozen mini bagels —”
"Shut up, we’re keeping them."

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